fall kicks

Dear Megan,
The ’90s called.  They want their shoes back.

So, I’ve been trying to style up my wardrobe these days (hence my recent talk of Stitch Fix – post coming soon!) and feel like I’m finally starting to nail down my personal style.  It’s a little casual, a little lot tomboy-ish, and completely comfortable.  I do not believe in suffering in my clothes, y’all.  Life is too short to be squeezed by what you’re wearing.

Anyway, while evaluating my closet for fall, I found I was lacking in the footwear department.  It’s too tempting to wear my Chucks every day – I mean, they definitely have a place in my wardrobe, but it’d be fun to have options.  I have a couple of pairs of boots (my beloved Fryes and the old-man-cowboy-boots-of-my-dreams), but those are limited in how I wear them.  The Fryes demand a tucked-in pant leg, and I’m not emotionally strong enough to wear skinny jeans that often. I knew the answer was an ankle boot (you can’t make me call it a bootie), but I just wasn’t having any luck finding one that suited my developing personal style.

And then I found the boots above – the Dr. Martens Felice 8-Eye (by the way, don’t buy them through that link – you can get a better deal if you look around.  It’s just a good picture!). My first thought was, “Megan!  You can’t wear combat boots!  You lived through the ’90s – you are TOO OLD to participate in a trend that you lived through!”

But then I kept looking at them – and y’all, I love them. They are sleeker than the Docs that surrounded me in the ’90s, and remind me of a bowling shoe in the best possible way.  And once I tried them on with a cuffed straight leg jean that showed a little sock – oh, it was over.  I’m going to wear these suckers all autumn long. I can only promise I won’t wear them with overalls and a flannel shirt knotted around my waist.


So, what you do you think?  Is it okay to wear a trend that you lived through already? And if so, have you done it yourself?  Which ones?