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So, Megan has infected me.

It’s horrible.  The cravings.  The lack of self control.  The obsessive behavior.  The withdrawals.

Quilting.  Were you aware it’s contagious?  My sweet mother-in-law has been attempting to expose me to it for years.  I thought I had built an immunity.  I was oh so very wrong.

It started slowly with working on a couple of quilts with Megan.  All I did was put together some blocks.  Nothing too severe.  Who knew that was a gateway?

It’s progressed rather slowly but it seems to be really taking hold.  First symptom:  Hashtags.Hashtag Block

Then it moved to half-square triangles.Half-Square Triangle

And before I knew what had hit me:  Full blown quilted table runner.Half-Square Table Runner

Stay back.  Don’t come any closer.  Or you’ll catch it too.

It’s too late for me.  Save yourself!