I know it’s been quiet here around the blog, but I’m popping back in before I enter a sugar coma for the next week to fill you in on Jenny’s most recent Stitch Fix (she’s knee-deep in research papers right now, so I’m posting for her!).

It’s no secret we love Stitch Fix – it’s an awful lot of fun for just $20. But not every item is going to work every time, and Jenny’s fix this month had some hits and misses.  Let’s review, shall we?

First up: the Howardson Striped Lightweight Sweater by Fate, $64 Striped SweaterOkay, Jen loved this one.  The stripes, the softness…but y’all.  $64?  We both agreed she could probably find something very similar for a lot less, so back it went.

Next: the Benfield Heathered Drape Front Cardigan by Caramela, $58

Benfield CardiganI loved this one and seriously considered stealing it from Jen.  She liked it too, but we noticed a little hole in a seam when she was trying on, so clearly, this one went back.

The next two were both poor fits.  How poor, do you ask? Well, here they are modeled by my beautiful and gazelle-like niece:em sweater tunicSee how well they fit her?  Obviously they weren’t going to work for Jen!  And just for the record, the top one is the Isaias Colorblocked Long Sleeve Sweater by Fate ($64) and the bottom one is the Calderwood Printed Chevron Hi-Lo Blouse by Peach Love Cream ($58).  Thanks for modeling, lovely girl!

Now, the last item in Jen’s box really demonstrates what I love most about Stitch Fix.  Here it is, the Flora Striped Fit & Flare Skirt by 41Hawthorn  (also, Jen was making a weird face in this one, so I fixed it with my mad photo editing skills):


You could make a list of the reasons Jenny would have never tried this skirt on in a store: the horizontal stripes, the colors, the pleats, the HORIZONTAL STRIPES (worth mentioning twice).  And yet, as soon as she put on it, she loved it.  It’s incredibly versatile and comfortable (a secret elastic waist, y’all!), and really works as a neutral in Jen’s closet – it went with everything we tried it with!  It’s something she would have never chosen for herself, but Stitch Fix encouraged her try something new and it totally worked.  High five, Stitch Fix!  As if I needed to tell you, Jen kept this one.

So, that was her second Fix.  Have you tried it yet?  What are your thoughts?