Who We Are.

(by Megan):

Jenny is my big sister by two years and -3.5 inches.  She is married to her high school sweetheart, has three awesome kids, and is one of those people who become oddly good at everything they attempt.  Okay, that part is kind of intimidating.  But don’t hold that against her.  She knits, she cooks, she runs, she’s great at photography, she teaches teenagers without pharmaceutical assistance, and she’s funny, too.

I know, right?  If she weren’t already my sister, I’d totally want her to be.

Megan (by Jenny):

Megan may be my little sister but she surpassed me in height approximately 25 years ago.  She is amazing in every way.  She worked as a social worker for years helping those less fortunate and now she works even harder as a SAHM for my spectacular nephew.   She is a phenomenal wife, mother, chef, sewist, crafter, runner, book chooser, style guru, friend, and so much more.  I am so lucky she’s mine.

 Don’t you wish you had a Megan, too?

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